There are today many student flutes on the market of various materials and qualities. Most of these musical instruments are copies of well-known brands and produced as quantity products. This is not the case with the TAMINO FLUTE.

Our company has, together with highly skilled inernationa1 professional flautists, flute teachers, engineers and repairmen, created a flute with its own distinctions. The TAMINO FLUTE is today probably the best Chinese flute you can find on the global market. All our instruments are built with highest quality standards, upon our own specifications. The TAMINO FLUTE has been tested on both student and professional levels for a couple of years, which has given us important feedback to build and conceive a reliable instrument with extraordinary musical features.

The TAMINO FLUTE uses just the best material you can get. The tube is made of nickel silver, and the keys are power-forged nickel silver for increased strength and durability, with covered or open holes. As options you can have the head joint in solid Sterling Silver as well as French pointed keys. Italian pads of highest quality are used in combination with cold setting methods. This is the way professional flutes are padded, which gives a more precise seat as well as a long lasting effect. The lip plate is hand carved by skilled craftsmen. A critical step in flute making is to get the tone holes right, consequently we have put a lot of energy concerning the perfection of our tone holes.

As an additional improvement we are happy and proud to present our new head joint Model B, which is developed for enabling every flautist to produce a natural, expressive flute sound with warmth and projection, combined with a facility to create different sound colours and a bouncing, fast articulation.

Our new Model B head joint has of course its own genuine design, which partly has drawn inspiration from the proportions of the one and only golden flute ever made by the famous French flute maker Louis Lot. This exceptional and unique golden flute was made 1869 in Paris, as a gift from The Philharmonic Society in Shanghai (China), for French flautist Jean Remusat who was connected to this orchestra during the second part of the 19th Century: Since then, the wonderful sound qualities of this master instrument has been heard all over the world when Jean-Pierre Rampal was performing on the golden Lot flute during many of his concerts and recordings.

It was a natural move for us to be inspired by the golden Lot sound - originally made for being played in China - when we wanted to develop our TAMINO FLUTE and give it a new head joint for the pleasure of all young flautists around the world.

The Tamino flutes are one of the best value student flutes available on the market today and the competitive prices ensure that all flute students have the opportunity to own their very own instruments, right from the beginning.

If you would like more information about these beautifully crafted student flutes please contact Lucie personally, using the “contact” link on this site.


Left: Detail from a late 18th century autograph of the flute solo of Tamino’s aria “Wie stark ist nicht dein Zauberton” from the opera Die Zauberflöte (1791) by W.A.Mozart, arranged for two flutes by Johann Wendt (1745-1801).
Right: Frontispiece details from an engraving, found in the Méthode pour la flûte by Francois Devienne (1759-1803), ca. 1855.

2009 Markus Kaulartz — Impressum