Lucie has played as an orchestral and chamber musician, as well as soloist with various ensembles in Australia and Europe. In Adelaide she played casually with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and with LIGHTS, the contemporary music ensemble made up of staff from the Elder Conservatorium. In Europe she played as a soloist with the Ensemble Franz Schubert in France and with the Kammer Ensemble Cologne during their tours of Australia, France, Germany and Switzerland. She was a casual player with the Radio Orchestra Kaiserslautern and played principal flute many times with the Heidelberg Sinfoniker, including during their Brazilian tour in 2005. She played regularly with the SAP Kammer-Philharmonie, the Johann Strauss Orchester Kurpfalz, and the Symphonic Sound Orchestra. She also performed with chamber groups such as the Duo Ibert (Flute and Guitar), Trio Flutarello (Flute, Guitar and Cello) and the Duo Flutarello (Flute and Cello). She continues to perform chamber music with cello and guitar in Sydney.

Duo Flutarello

Lucie and John

Ensemble Cologne

Trio Flutarello



2009 Markus Kaulartz — Impressum